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Welcome to Rainbow´s End Recovery Center, a residential drug and alcohol treatment facility located in the mountains of central Idaho on the Salmon River near Challis. We were established as dual-diagnosis treatment center for alcohol and drug addicted adult clientele suffering from co-occurring mental conditions, such as PTSD.

At Rainbow´s End Recovery Center we provide a comfortable, homelike environment for our residents in semi-private rooms with separate residences for men and women. An institutional setting is not always conducive to recovery. Taking you away from your home and daily life is stressful enough without the added stress of being locked into an institution. You are here to be treated for your drug and alcohol addictions, not punished for them. Addiction is an illness; we want to help make you well. We are as much committed to your comfort and well-being as we are to your treatment program and recovery.

Inpatient drug and alcohol is an intensive form of treatment. The client physically resides at the facility while recovering from addiction to drugs and/or alcohol. This is especially important for people with co-occurring disorders or who have failed with out-patient programs. Because of the intensive care we provide, as our client, you can expect a higher rate of success in your recovery efforts.

Rainbow´s End Recovery Center is a unique, private facility with stunning views of wilderness and wildlife from every window. Your daily routine may include time to enjoy this natural beauty by watching eagles or big horn sheep, fly fishing or lazing in a hammock, gardening or grooming Cocoa, our quarter horse, who would love to have you brush her, for a bit of animal assisted therapy.

Our holistic treatment approach will provide restoration of the mind, body and spirit. You will participate in bookwork and seminars; individual and group counseling sessions will be delivered to you in a non-threatening, open social model of treatment. At least twice a week we will engage in piscatorial therapy which has proven to be a highly effective treatment for anxiety disorders.

Because we are a small facility which can house only 15 clients, you will receive more personal attention and individualized care. In addition, you will meet with a psychiatrist weekly or more if needed.

As you progress in your drug and alcohol recovery, we will take time to enjoy the three million acres of open space in the Lost River Range. We might hike to a natural hot springs created by waterfalls, raft on the Salmon River, take a picnic to a high mountain lake, go on a photo hunt for elk, deer, bighorn sheep, antelope and even wild horses.

There is exercise equipment at the facility to help you recover from the physical toll substance abuse took on your body. You can participate in yoga or Pilates. We utilized local resources such as the gym, open gym and aerobics class. For an extra charge, you can have a facial, massage, or hot rock therapy.

This program is far more than just talk therapy. Your days will involve peaceful restorative activities in a serene environment. Our mission is to guide you and walk along side you on your journey to recovery.

At Rainbow´s End Recovery Center we try to make the admissions process as pleasant as possible. The decision to enter rehab for your addictions is not an easy one; it takes strength to admit you have a problem and need help. Once you take the first step by calling us, you will speak with an intake specialist within hours of your initial contact, who will treat you with the utmost kindness and respect while learning all he can about your problems and needs in order to insure appropriate treatment.

At this time you may also speak to a financial counselor who will provide the information regarding costs, insurance reimbursements, and the possibility of financial assistance. Each client’s financial situation will be considered in structuring the treatment program and pricing. Rainbow´s End Recovery Center will do everything it can to make your desire for rehab and recovery a reality.

Though residential programs are expensive, you need to weigh the cost against the money spent on substance related expenses as well as the cost of the damages to your family, home life and career which have occurred as a result of your addiction. We also include the family with special curriculum materials and family visits involving them in the recovery process.

At Rainbow´s End Recovery Center   we value family involvement in the recovery process; however, we limit phone contact for at least the first week. Family visits are scheduled for the third week of the month when the counselors are available. This provides the opportunity for addiction education, recovery aftercare planning and family counseling as needed. For clients who stay longer than thirty days, other visits may be authorized by the client's primary counselor.

Because of our remote location, we are willing to assist in arranging your travel to Rainbow´s End Recovery Center. We will determine the most reasonable and efficient transportation and will provide transportation from any of the regional airports: Boise, Sun Valley, Idaho Falls and Twin Falls, Idaho. If you feel you need a sober escort to bring you from home, we can arrange that also.

The treatment plan at Rainbow´s End Recovery Center is fully individualized based on the clinical needs of each resident. Medical care is a fundamental part of your treatment. Arrangements can be made with local practitioners for additional care as needed.

Drug and alcohol abuse are often symptoms of underlying issues. We uncover those behaviors and habits and work to affect significant change in the habits and belief systems of our clients. Among other approaches to recovery, we draw on the principles of the Twelve Steps.

Our qualified therapists employ a variety of treatment modalities including proven behavior therapies, family therapy, individual and support group therapy as well as other therapeutic and counseling services. Additionally, our clients participate in other activities designed to strengthen the mind, body, and spirit.

Stopping the behaviors of drinking and drug use is only the first step in recovery. Lasting sobriety requires altering the client’s mind-set toward daily living and dealing with the stresses of life. To that end we treat the whole person, helping our residents develop self-discipline and the skills needed for successful living. Depending on the clients’ needs we may have seminars in budgeting, bill paying, resume building, interviewing or homemaking skills such as laundry, cooking and cleaning.

Good nutrition is an important aspect of wellness and recovery, and addicts traditionally have poor eating habits. A dietician has planned menus of balanced meals from a wide variety of cuisines to help our clients regain their physical health and acquire the habit of eating well. You will be served meals including many locally grown, organic products.

Rainbow´s End Recovery Center has been serving these Idaho communities since 2011: Hailey, Sun Valley, Ketchum, Boise, Pocatello, Idaho Falls, Twin Falls, Blackfoot, Rexburg, Burley, and Coeur d'Alene. We have welcomed clients from Missoula and Butte Montana, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Bakersfield, San Jose, and Danville, California. We have provided treatment to clients from Illinois, Florida, New York, Oregon, Washington, Missouri, Montana, North Dakota, Nevada, Vermont, Wyoming and Utah. We are now accepting clients nationwide from Chicago, Illinois; Portland, Oregon; Spokane and Seattle, Washington; Dallas and Austin, Texas; Miami, Florida; Boston, Massachusetts; Hartford, Connecticut; Jackson, Wyoming; Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona; Memphis, Tennessee; St. Louis, Missouri; Denver, Colorado; Salt Lake City, Utah; Reno and Las Vegas, Nevada; Burlington, Vermont; Detroit, Michigan; Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota and all points in between. We would love to assist you in your recovery no matter where you live.

We at Rainbow´s End Recovery Center want to help our clients build a life without drugs and alcohol, which they have come to depend on for comfort and security. Treatment and therapies must be adjusted as the resident progresses in his recovery. An aftercare plan will be developed for relapse prevention prior to the resident’s release. This could include contact with a mental health professional, a strong support system of sober friends and a spiritual advisor, as well as continuing contact with RERC staff and annual weekend retreats for alumni clients.

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