Fly Fishing Made a Difference

Rainbow’s End Recovery Center, located on the world famous Salmon River in central Idaho, provides a unique program of fly fishing that gives you new tools in recovering from drug and alcohol addiction. Fishing gear and instruction are provided so that clients can learn the delicate art of fly fishing, a therapeutic activity in our pond stocked with Rainbow trout. Afterwards they are ready to go fly fishing in the blue ribbon fishing hole on the Salmon River to hone their skills. It’s the perfect atmosphere for healing and recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.

Fly fishing requires timing, patience and discipline, all skills which help in a person’s recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. Mastering the art of fly fishing, a new skill for many, gives the clients a new contemplative activity which helps in coping with the struggles of overcoming addiction. Fly fishing is comparable to meditation. When standing in the river, one concentrates on nature, fly fishing and playing the fish. Your mind shifts into a lower gear; the rhythm of the river and casting help reduce anxiety and tension. Clients have time for recreational activities daily and often choose to fly fish in the river for this reason.

The art of fly fishing is something the client takes with them when they leave Rainbow’s End Recovery Center and can enjoy with family and friends as they continue on their road to sobriety. The Salmon River in Idaho not only provides the opportunity Fly Fishing for Steelhead and Salmon but Fly Fishing for Rainbow Trout, Cutthroat and Bull Trout year round.

“Every day we were given the chance to go Fly Fishing with our spare time. The big trout we caught in Idaho were just a bonus. It’s great to be sober.”

“Fly Fishing in the Salmon River for Steelhead and Rainbow Trout was not only therapeutic but taught me the skills of patience and determination."

"Fly Fishing has become my new drug of choice. It was awesome that I had that much fun being sober”

“Fly Fishing in Idaho has replaced my addiction for drugs and alcohol”

“At Rainbow’s End Recovery Center I found a new passion, Fly Fishing”

“I was feeling anxious so I went fly fishing. Even though I didn’t catch anything, it made me feel calmer.”

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