Relapse Prevention
Aftercare Planning

Discharge Steps

1. Present the client with a Long Term Life Success Plan (LTLSP)
to be completed and presented to staff and peers prior to discharge.
2. Conduct exit interview.
3. Provide Final Discharge Plan.
4. Provide Local meeting schedules (AA/NA/Alanon, etc.)
5. Provide resources for out-patient group and/or counselor to provide continuing care.
6. Introduce client to online recovery support groups, including RERC alumni group.
7. Request a continuing release to speak with family and/or SO during recovery.


Follow-up Steps

1. Follow up with client on a regular basis via telephone, mail or electronically and document.
2. Acknowledge special events such as birthdays, holidays and recovery milestones.
3. Attend meetings with alumni if within reasonable travel distance.


Refresher Course

1. Client must successfully complete 30/60/90 day program to qualify for this service.
2. Clients are allowed three days and two nights at no cost
3. The return visit includes full services as contracted before
A. The clients may return at any time depending on space and staff availability.
B. The client's file will have personal information updated. Progress notes to be kept by staff.
C. UA upon arrival at no cost
D. Belongings must be searched.
E. If the client stays beyond two nights, there will be a fee. Psychiatric session would be an additional cost.


Relapse Program

1. Check the client's legal status, if requesting relapse care.
2. If client is on legal supervision, he/she will need a travel permit or clearance from PO.
3. Requires a new file and special assignments.
4. We need a new medical clearance.
5. If the client needs detox, it must be done before readmission.
6. Discharge planning/Relapse prevention:
a. Increase level of care for aftercare services
b. Case management services may need to be provided, including resources for: Legal, Mental Health, Transportation, Housing
7. Request a continuing release to speak with family and/or SO during recovery.


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